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Made to serve the automotive industry

For more than 30 years, CCS has been a key supplier partner to the automotive industry, and we continue to evolve and grow to meet their changing needs.

By adhering to the fundamental principle of continuous improvement, CCS is today a world-class supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous machined die castings and subassemblies for engine and powertrain, chassis, suspension and body components.

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Castings and components for the automotive industry

CCS specializes in low to medium volume, unique and high performance components such as drivetrains, powertrains, fuel systems and convertible tops.

CCS provides thin-walled, high-strength aluminum castings for space frames and suspensions for self-driving vehicles. Automotive engineers choose stainless steel molten die castings as the best choice for automotive fuel fillers.

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Meticulous quality assurance for consistent, defect-free automotive cast parts

Quality assurance is always a top priority at CCS.

Our rigorous quality assurance practices include highly advanced quality/production planning, the use of high-precision measurement equipment, and the implementation of quality control steps including part identification, variable and attribute control charts, part evaluation, and random sampling.

Our capable quality assurance team closely monitors the entire process from start to finish

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