Investment Casting Services

CCS is your trusted partner for high quality investment casting services. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team ensure precise and efficient production, delivering top-notch results for all your casting needs.

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CCS Investment Casting

CCS Precision Investment Casting Services

CCS has been providing our customers with high quality parts for nearly 20 years. As a leading provider in investment casting services, we understand the importance of precision and consistency in the manufacture of your parts.

By utilizing our advanced equipment and technology, every part we manufactured will meet your exact specifications and standards.

At CCS, we take pride in our team’s expertise and years of industry experience. Our skilled professionals work closely with you to understand your needs and provide individualized solutions to meet your unique demands. We are committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service, quality and value.

Choose CCS Precision Casting Services for your next project and experience the benefits of precision, high quality and quick lead time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Materials in Investment Casting

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a versatile process that can be used to cast a wide variety of metals.


Investment casting can be used to cast a range of steel alloys, includingcarbon steel, stainless steel, and high-alloy steels. These metals are commonly used in various applications, like aerospace, automotive, and industrial.


Aluminum alloys can also be used in investment casting. It’s lightweight and excellent strength-to-weight ratios entitle them the advantage in casting parts applied to automotive and aerospace.


Copper alloys, such as brass and bronze, can also be cast in investment casting. These metals are often used in decorative and artistic applications, as well as in electrical and plumbing components.


Magnesium is also a good choice in investment casting for its lightweight and good mechanical properties. Magnesium casting parts are often used in automotive and aerospace applications.


Titanium alloysare also widely used in investment castings due too it excellent strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion resistance. Titanium is commonly used in aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.

Nickel-based alloys

Nickel-based alloys, which offer excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance, is popular in investment casting services. These alloys are often used in aerospace, power generation, and chemical processing applications.

Investment casting service process

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a process used to create metal parts with complex geometries and fine details.

Pattern Creation

The first step in the investment casting process is to create a pattern of the part to be cast. The pattern can be made from a variety of materials, including wax, plastic, or metal. The pattern is created using a mold or a computer-aided design (CAD) program.

Mold Creation

Once the pattern is created, it is used to create a mold. The mold is made by coating the pattern with a ceramic shell or investment. The investment is allowed to dry and harden, creating a shell around the pattern.

Wax Removal

After the ceramic shell has hardened, the pattern is removed from the mold. This leaves a cavity in the shape of the pattern. The cavity is then filled with wax to create a wax pattern of the final part.


The wax patterns are then attached to a wax tree, which is used to support the patterns during the casting process. The wax tree is then dipped into a ceramic slurry and coated with a fine sand or refractory material to create a shell.


The ceramic shell is then heated in a furnace to remove the wax from the mold. This is called the burnout process and it leaves a cavity in the ceramic shell where the wax pattern used to be.


The ceramic shell is then filled with molten metal using a variety of methods, including gravity pouring, vacuum casting, or pressure casting. The metal is allowed to cool and solidify, taking on the shape of the ceramic shell.

Why CCS Investment Casting Services

Welcome to CCS investment casting, where we specialize in providing top-quality investment casting services to businesses of all sizes.

Precision and Consistency

CCS is able to manufacture components with complex shapes, thinner walls, and superior surface finish. In the investment casting recess, its precision and consistency can be ensured.

Quality Assurance

CCS has a rigorous quality assurance process in place to ensure that every component meets your exact specifications and demands.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

The most advanced equipment and technology are utilized to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency in our investment casting process.

Experienced Team

Our skilled professionals have nearly 20 years of casting experience in the industry and work closely with customers to understand their needs and provide personalized solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Compared with other traditional casting services, CSS's investment casting offers cost-effective solutions, especially for components in high volumes.

Faster Lead Times

With our efficient investment casting process, we can deliver components faster than other traditional casting methods.

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