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Medical Equipment & Devices

The challenge of designing medical devices is to strive to develop end products that meet clinical needs, human error and patient safety. Medical device design has become more complex and technically challenging as device manufacturers look closely at the consumer electronics industry when considering advances in design and usability.

Miniaturization remains a popular trend in medical device design, and more than ever, speed to market is often a key competitive advantage for product launches. CCS offers precision die-cast components for medical devices that meet the needs of multiple users, diverse environments, and patient variability.

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Medical Surgical Instruments

Surgical devices can be as specialized and diverse as the medical field. Traditionally, stainless steel and machined aluminum were considered the only materials that met FDA approval for the manufacture of biocompatible medical devices.

Today, however, a variety of components used in medical devices are die cast. Zinc die castings offer significant cost savings to medical device companies, and CCS’ proprietary multi-slide die casting process helps manufacture these components, no matter how small or complex the component.

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Medical Electronic Devices

As electronic medical devices become more complex and powerful, so do the electronic components they contain. Keeping these electronic devices cool is important for their reliability and longevity.

High performance heat sinks prevent electronic devices from overheating and damaging or destroying medical equipment. Die-cast housings are extremely durable and can integrate heat sinks with their product design. Cosmetic requirements that require heat dissipation led us to be the source for a non-invasive hemoglobin measurement device that is precision cast in zinc.

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Benefits of Casting Medical Devices

When designing your next medical or surgical device, consider die casting as your process of choice. When you work with CCS, you can reap the following benefits from our die-casting process:

  • Complex web components .
  • Consistent quality in high volume.
  • Cost-effective high-volume production.
  • Tight tolerances are achieved with the cast state.
  • Cast housings are extremely durable.
  • Integrated heat sink in product design.
  • Fully recyclable to meet tighter product regulations.
  • Variety of finishes from high specification plating to cosmetic finishes.
  • Value engineering for cost savings.
  • Minimal mold pull angle for internal features.

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